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YaHavah is Spirit; and his Spirit is the light of men, and the light of his Spirit shines in darkness; but darkness does not understand. (John. 1:4, 5 -- Word of YHVH Bible)
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​      Our Creator, YHVH, employs the journalistic elements of who, what, when, where, 
why, and the how to teach us about himself:

1.The (who’s) of reporting are the protagonist and antagonist. 
    a.Bible protagonists are our Creator, YHVH and His Son, Jesus. 
    b.Antagonists are Satan, aka, Lucifer the fallen angel, and his earthly counterpart, 
               the end time Antichrist, aka, Daniel’s Fourth Beast. 

2.The (what) is a conflict between YaHavah and Satan of unimaginable proportions 
          from beginning to end.

3.The (when) begins in a time before creation, as we know it and ends with a new 

4.The physical (where) began in the realm of heaven, moved to earth, then will move 
           to a new heaven and earth. (Third Heaven, Eden, and New Jerusalem, respectively)

5.The spiritual (where) is in the hearts and minds of humanity and our Creator, YHVH.

6.The (how) is in the causative actions of the unseen infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, 
          and omniscient YaHavah. (From his place in heaven, the mind (spirit) of YHVH 
          reaches everything everywhere without limitations.)

7.The (why) is to remove sin from YaHavah’s creation. 


Core Bible Doctrines 

There is ONE core Bible doctrine under which all other Bible doctrines are established:

    1.Person of YHVH
        a.Person of Satan
        b.Person of Jesus
        c.The Anointing
        e.Bible Prophecy
        f.Testing of Doctrine

      You might wonder why I listed Satan as first under YHVH. Satan existed before the others in the list. It does not mean he is above any of them, only before them.

      Isaiah 14:12 names this fallen angel, hêylêl, meaning bright morning star and translated to Lucifer. On earth, he became known by the name sâtân, pronounced saw-tawn, meaning opponent or adversary.

      Heylel aspired to have YaHavah’s throne, so, he tempted one third of the angels in heaven to turn against YaHavah. There was war and he and his rebel angels were ejected from YaHavah’s presence. Now we must deal with him every day of our lives because of the sin he brought into the world. The law helped identify sin until the Son of YaHavah could defeat it. Good news! Jesus fixed it, so the law is written in our hearts, which means YaHavah, who inspired Moses to record the law, is now present by his Spirit to implement it through the shed blood of Jesus. Believe in and love Jesus and YaHavah. That is the simplicity of Christ.

      Satan’s entire plan is to alter the Bible’s truth about YaHavah and Jesus to turn humans against YaHavah.  

      Believing strange doctrines about the Bible and YaHavah is the same as going against YaHavah. Satan is very good at being a smooth-talking deceiver. He is the master con artist, who undoubtedly has tempted many human con artists. Anybody who can turn angels against YaHavah is extremely dangerous. Satan can present himself with charisma or terrorism, whatever suits his purpose and the willingness of his targets.

      Acquiring full Bible knowledge of YaHavah, will assure those who love Jesus and YaHavah of their right and knowledge, to determine the truth or falsity of any doctrine, and to confront any temptation from Satan with confidence in the truth of the Bible.
 Follow Jesus' example in proclaiming the truth to overcome Satan's temptations.​

Elements of Journalism in the Bible

Mary E. Lewis
 copyright 2017