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YaHavah is Spirit; and his Spirit is the light of men, and the light of his Spirit shines in darkness; but darkness does not understand. (John. 1:4, 5 -- Word of YHVH Bible)
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The Revelation is for Today, to Meet Tomorrow 

Everybody knows that the Revelation of Jesus Christ has a controversial history of interpretation. 

The Revelation is much more than a study of the Antichrist and the last seven years of tribulation.  It is a study on how to overcome the temptations of Satan to be ready for Jesus' return.  It is about what Jesus said to Nicodemus.  John 3:3  Jesus answered and said to him, In truth, I say to you, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of YHVH. 

The church has not received the full knowledge of what being born again means.  That knowledge is in the Revelation that was written about fifty years after the church began. The seven letters reveal some of the problems the churches were encountering.  Those problems centered on a condition of rebirth that they did not fully understand. Today's churches are no different. YaHavah reveals that condition in the Revelation. Now it needs to be broadcast to all believers.

The Revelation is the culmination of all prophecy, but more than that, it is about right now and how to make YaHavah and Jesus the true center of your life. Become the light he intended you to be when he gave Jesus’ life on the cross for you and your loved ones.

Join Ms. Lewis in the most revealing story you will ever read about the Book of Revelation -- and about life right now.

OUTSIDE -- Salvation from YHVH's Wrath  
INSIDE -- Saving names written in the Book of Life


Mary E. Lewis is not unlike any of her readers in her desire for Bible truth. Ms. Lewis is just as serious as Jesus’ first disciples in their task of seeking and sharing the truth of YaHavah and Jesus. Her qualifications are the same as theirs; to love YHVH with all your heart, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.

Mary says, “We are family in the Kingdom of YaHavah”