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Proclaiming the names of YaHavah and Jesus to the world every day

Test the spirit of everything you think, hear, see and do to see if it is from YaHavah  
I use the acronym THSD or THSA.  D for do, or A for act (action)

YaHavah created man to have fellowship with himself.  Fellowship implies likeness; the Bible teaches that YaHavah created man in his likeness, in reference to spirit.  Adam started his life having access to YaHavah’s wisdom and knowledge, which he used in naming all the plants and animals.  Fellowship with YaHavah also implies his counsel and understanding.  Man must have YaHavah’s counsel and understanding to learn how to live by his standards.  Adam lived a good life under YaHavah’s standards, until another influence tempted him and he failed to fear YaHavah.  The strength to overcome Satan’s temptations is in the Spirit of YaHavah through Jesus.  This paragraph demonstrates the grace of YaHavah in bestowing true believers with his seven spirits so they can live in his righteousness and overcome the sin imposed upon humankind by Adam’s error.  The words in red are the seven spirits of YHVH and this is life in the Kingdom of YHVH. 

FYI, the seven spirits is a primary Bible subject that has not been taught in the church and that is the reason Satan has a field day among believers. They simply do not know how to test the spirit of what they think, hear, and see before they act on it. 

The focus of this ministry is on getting to the problem before it manifests or gets a strong foothold and that is what true spiritual warfare is about. Also, learn how to avoid "witch hunting" that could lead to permanent damage of unwitting souls.  Books like "Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit" and "Pigs in the Parlor" are dangerous "witch-hunting" books.  Learn the truth in the Bible before going hunting for bad spirits or judging someone to be possessed of the devil. 

THERE IS GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS in the times we are entering today.  On the good side, we are entering a new time of understanding the pure teaching of the Bible.  When I say pure teaching, I mean without using traditional church doctrines and creeds as a crutch.  

On the bad side, there are many Bible teachers attempting to explain how the Spirit of YaHavah works, but there are some major problems with their basic understanding of the Spirit (of YaHavah).

The book images to the right provide the basics of understanding who the three most important characters of the Bible are.  They were introduced in the first three chapters of Genesis.  They are YaHavah, Jesus (promise of), and humankind.  The nemesis of those chapters and in the lives of every human being from beginning to end is, in Hebrew, nachash, translated to serpent.  The more correct translation is the enchanter.  Whispering enchanting thoughts is his deceitful tactic of destruction.

Find out what the Bible really says about the identity of the Spirit and what that understanding means to you.

​FYI... these books are only primers to get believers out of their complacent rut and back on the same track as the first century church.

These and other books can be viewed or ordered from Amazon.com.  The best place to start is on my author page where you can ask questions and follow me for new book announcements and updates.

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The first five chapters of Revelation explains what the seven spirits are and how they work in the Christian walk.
The title says it all.  Understanding the humanity of Jesus also helps to understand the Spirit of YaHavah.
Your Bible is your best friend because it is where you can learn the most about YaHavah and his Spirit from YaHavah, himself.  He is the true teacher.  Let him teach you.
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